Positive Impact of the Radio
As the positive experiences of Radio Didibahini, the women of this area have begun to open up their mouths and share their feelings. They have gradually initiated to come in the for front and began to participate in the social discussions in course of the field visit conducted by our journalists in the local level. Since females had soft voices in the public places and gathering for ages, our journalists have been able to make females speak in the social gatherings. Females have been aware not only for their rights and responsibilities; they have also come up with their genuine voice of freedom and equality which has been one of the important change we have realized so far.
Untouchability has been commonly practiced in this area for ages as the population of so-called untouchables is reasonably big. The focus of this radio station has always been to fight against such discriminatory and superstitious practices. Our social awareness programs have focused to raise awareness on the blind beliefs and superstitions which have been commonly practices for generations.
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